Hardcore - NA (Netherlands)


-- "Nineties" EP out now! Download all tracks at www.lieshc.com -- Lies! from the Netherlands draw inspiration from every corner of hardcore and 90s metalcore: hard-hitting, aggressive and dark. Truthful to the basic idea of the band: short powerful songs alike TERROR, KICKBACK, MERAUDER or ALL OUT WAR. Their 2011 demo CD/tape was the first assault of this Dutch four-piece with ex-members of Instil, The Hunger, Murder Manifest, Expulsion, Mon'strum and NMMNG. More at www.lieshc.com Street Survival Records from Germany released their demo on tape. After a year full of great shows and tours and supports for Hatebreed, Sick of it All, Nasty etc. they got back into the studio. In April 2012 LIES! released their "Nineties" EP also downloadable from www.lieshc.com <A HREF="http://www.lieshc.com" TARGET="_blank">www.lieshc.com</A> <A HREF="http://www.facebook.com/lieshardcore" TARGET="_blank">www.facebook.com/lieshardcore</A> <A HREF="mailto:contact@lieshc.com">contact@lieshc.com</A>